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A very easy spaghetti sauce recipe

So you wanna do spaghetti sauce , but you're affraid to mess it up?

I have a very easy recipe to follow.

The recipe will provide enough sauce for more than one meal

What you will need is:

-a pound or two of ground beef
-a small can of tomato paste
-two cans of shreded tomatoes
-the fifth of a cup of vegetable oil
-El-Ma-mia spaghetti spice bottle (normal or spicy)
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-A pan
-a cooking pot

First put the vegetable oil on the bottom of the pan and make sure is spread evenly over the surface
Then take the ground beef and put it in the pan .. cut it down in little pieces and let it fry for a bit then add the tomato paste to the beef.
Again fry it for a minute or so and add HALF of the spice bottle (it's a small bottle so don't worry) in the meat.
Mix the meat , tomato paste , and spices evenly.

Meanwhile you should put both shreded cans of tomatoes in the pot and put the heat to 3 between low and middle.
add one can and a half of water to that .

Then take the meat tomato paste and spices mix and drop it in the pot with the shreded tomatoes.

Mix everything and put the rest of the spices in the mix.

Let it simmer for an hour or so and you have your spaghetti sauce.

The extra sauce can then be easily kept in the freezer and heated for later meals.
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