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Awesome (And simple) pork chops (or boneless chicken)

 -1 pork chop (or boneless chicken
 -1 pan
 - pan cover
 - butter (No specific amount(Optional))
 - Seasoned salt
 - Lemon pepper
 - water (No specific amount)

pour water into the pan, and bring to a slight boil. Add butter, seasoned salt and Lemon pepper. Stir and wait for butter to melt.
Place porkchop (or chicken) in the pan and cover, occasionally opening to flip ( generally flip the meat when the blod surfaces on the bone (If there is bone)). Sprinkle meat with desired amount of seasonings and cut center once tender.
When the meat is done, lower the heatand let sit for about five minutes, covered.
Remove and enjoy!
The butter isn't absolutely necessary, but I find that it alters the taste a bit and makes it that much more enjoyable
(Note: Add water as needed.)
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